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Tips and tricks

1. Just because it's planted in the ground doesn't necessarily mean it has to stay in that location forever. A tree service can sometimes relocate a tree to a more user friendly spot. It never hurts to know all of your options.
2. An arborist can help guide you through the concept of preventative maintenance to keep your trees in good health, which will help the tree better defend itself against insects, disease, and site problems.
3. Pruning a tree branch properly can be an art. If you remove the slight swelling or collar around the branch, or leave too much of the stub behind, you can cause cankers and other problems. Before you prune, take the time to learn safe pruning practices, or ask a professional for advice.
4. We suggest you compare prices if you are considering grinding a stump yourself. Factor in the rental fee, additional towing equipment for transporting the grinder back and forth, and the time. You will find we are considerably less expensive than doing it yourself.
5. Thinning a tree's branches is one way to increase air flow and prepare your landscape for winter winds and harsh weather conditions. Before you finish raking and bagging those autumn leaves, make your landscape winter ready by having your trees pruned.
6. Having your trees properly pruned will save you money, as it will ensure your trees last much longer. Regular pruning results in safer, healthier, and more beautiful trees that are much easier to maintain in the long term.
7. Often, stump remnants go deep into the ground where they can continue to harbor an active root system, as well as a host of fungi and pests. We go deep into the ground to completely remove your stump and ensure the removal is comprehensive and final.
8.  The four most common pruning challenges are: removing dead wood, thinning branches to increase air flow, eliminating rubbing or crossed branches, and establishing visual and structural balance.
9. Over time, trees will often grow to sizes that exceed the space allowed for them. Where space is limited, regular pruning becomes necessary to maintain a uniform size and shape of the tree and keep it from affecting other plants, structures, and the like.

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